Multiple OS project development experience share

Hi, Guy

Recently, I have just finished an application project development for an embedded system. The project is building CMD line(cli) tools for multiple OS, windows10, linux and macos. I just want to share you guys my experience with the 3 platform. BTW, the RTL8722DM dev from following link is what my project is used for.

Basically, windows is the most convenient platform. It has all kind of tools for compiling c, cpp and c# projects. One things need to be considered. 1, if you use visual studio for c# in windows. the tool you have build is not easy to transfer in to the other platforms. To support a visual studio c# project there a lot of works to do in linux and macos. Additionally, you have to set up the toolchain/compiler properly for windows.

Linux has no issue to compile my project. But lack of development tools and “sudo” sometimes gives you big problem. For, c and cpp development, i suggest that linux is the best and all project is able to transfer to the other platform.

Macos has the most limitations. i am a windows person so using macos to development is a bit trouble for me. And the disc name of macos always has a “space” which is very bad for process command. However, i would say the project made by macos is the most stable and small size one.

To summarize, if you trying to make a multiple platform/OS support project. I would recommend to use c/cpp project and start on linux. Please try not to start with windows, windows is the easiest way, but will gives you troubles when trying to support all 3 platform/OS.