Multiple first authors in CITATION file

When I create a CITATION file like this example, the BibTex shows that the first person listed in authors is the first author, which results in the title like below

  author = {Lisa, Mona and Bot, Hew},

However, I and my team all agree that we have the same contribution more or less that there will be no first author. How to achieve this?

What I want is something like this:

  author = {Lisa, Mona and Bot, Hew},

Are you referring to the BibTeX key? @software{awesome_research_software_2017,?

This is an arbitrary id to use when you cite the software in a LaTeX document, and not the title. You can change it to anything you like, and some reference managers will auto-format this.

If you want to signify that all authors contributed equally, this needs to be done in rendering. In papers, you’d do this by adding a mark (1, or similar) to all author names, then add a note in the author metadata section (in LaTeX!), e.g., All authors contributed equally to the work.

However, we’ll think about a way to implement this in CFF as well, seeing that YAML linters often order alphabetically, which would break the order anyway. (Tracking this in Implement author order? · Issue #363 · citation-file-format/citation-file-format · GitHub)

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, but actually, the question is that how to specify this key in the YAML file. Currently, as far as I know, this key is automatically generated so that its format might be like {first_author}_{title}_{year}. I just want something like {title}_{year}, or manually set it in the file.

My story: I and my friends develop software and we want to publish it. The citation file is useful for those who might want to cite our software when they use it in the future. However, the BibTeX id is auto-generated by the name of the first author, which might obscure the contribution of the whole team. So, we want to manually set it to our team name which makes everyone happy.