Multiple Contitions to trigger workflow

I am currently trying to implement a GitHub actions pipeline, that triggers on multiple conditions.
I cant really find out whether the conditions, which are required are “and” or “or” like connected.
The Problem was that the pipeline got triggered on a solved pull request.
If the conditions branches, tags, and paths connected with a logical or, i would like to know how to build it in a way that the pipeline only triggers whenever all the conditions are met.

name: Stable Release

      - 'master'
      - 'v*.*.*'
      - 'path0/**'
      - 'path1/**'

In my experience if a pull request is merged that causes a push event on the target branch, because the merged commits are pushed to it.

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  - 'path0/**'
  - 'path1/**'

A single modified file in either of the paths will trigger the workflow. If your desired semantics are to trigger only if at least one file in each path was changed, then you will have to determine that on your own. For example, use actions/checkout and then determine the affected paths using git. The workflow will be run, but you can make it abort early.