Multiple Configuration Files in CodeQL Action

I was able to use multiple configuration files for CodeQL Actions in a parent module as seen here: When using the same logic and files in a submodule, CodeQL would throw an error stating “The configuration file “/home/runner/work/cFE/cFE/.github/codeql/codeql-security.yml” does not exist”. The only changes I made was renaming that same file to codeql-config.yml and it worked with no errors. The submodule PR is seen here: Fix #1512, Add Coding Standard Rules in CodeQL by ArielSAdamsNASA · Pull Request #1513 · nasa/cFE · GitHub.

My questions are:

  1. Can multiple configuration files be used in submodules?
  2. Why does the submodule require the configuration file to be named codeql-config.yml?
  3. Could you provide a solution to use two configuration files with unique names in the submodule, cFE?

Hi @ArielSAdamsNASA, just wanted to check whether this was still a problem for you? – from the latest update on that PR, “CodeQL workflow is successful”, it sounds like you have resolved the problem since then :blush:

PS. Sorry for the late reply, we must have overlooked this question :neutral_face:

Hello @RasmusWL.

I was able to resolve the issue by using the full path of the configuration file with the branch name as well. For example, nasa/cFS/.github/codeql/codeql-coding-standard.yml@main. I could use any name for the configuration file as well. No worries on the late reply.