Multiple auth mechanisms are not allowed error when downloading release assets

Hi there,
I’m building a Flutter (Android) app for a company’s internal operations and for the time being, I’m serving the updates through the GitHub releases channel. The repo is a private one, so I use an authorization header to check and retrieve the latest release from /releases endpoint. The flow as follows, first I hit the /releases/latest endpoint to get the info about the latest release (and assets) and if necessary, make a second query to /releases/assets/{asset_id} endpoint with 'Accept': 'application/octet-stream' header to download the binary file. I’m using 'Authorization': 'token [GH_PAT]' header in both cases, and everything was working fine until yesterday. Now, whenever I try to download a release asset, I get the following error with a status code 400. I’m using http package as client, but dio seems to be behaving the same way too.
I can, however, download the binary asset outside of Flutter environment (via Postman, for example) using the same headers. And I can, at least, get a valid response when I make a request without application/octet-stream header within the app but, since I need to download the asset, it has no use to me. I tried the earlier releases (releases working at that time) of my app to see if some changes caused this but still no luck. I’m kinda out of options, so any help would be really, really appreciated :blush:.

The error message as follows:

    <Message>Multiple auth mechanisms are not allowed; please use either query parameters or an Authorization header</Message>