Multiple actions from the same repo on the marketplace

Is it possible to add multiple actions from the same repository to the Marketplace?

I’ve followed the instructions here, but as my action.yml files are not at the repository root, I don’t see the ‘Publish this action to marketplace’ banner.

Ideally, I’d like a way to add each subfolder containing an action.yml to the marketplace separately.

I can of course split the actions out into multiple repositories, but I’d rather not do that as they are so closely related (each action corresponds to one subcommand of my CLI tool) and they share the same Dockerfile.

The repository in question is this one.

The documentation you linked explicitly says actions in subfolders are not supported:

  • The action’s metadata file ( action.yml or action.yaml ) must be in the root directory of the repository.

Thanks for the reply.

I was aware of the restriction as mentioned in the docs - I wondered if there was any workaround as it makes my use-case somewhat awkward.

It would be great if this was something that could be supported in future.

I assume you already know that actions in subdirectories work, and I don’t think that’ll go away, because GitHub tools like the CodeQL actions use that layout. For the Marketplace side it might be best if you send that to the GitHub feedback form: Share feedback - GitHub Support