Multiplayer card game app.


I am totally green and excited about learning something new.

Does anyone want to give me some pointers about:

  • best design programs (3D 2D) for building pretty exciting interfaces.
  • most used somewhat easy to use languages to learn to code the gameplay and the backend.

Today I am a hobbyist and want to get my hands dirty. But to make a great app it MUST work properly everytime and respond well to the users BUT it also has to look great. I really want to pull those two things off.

Maybe I’ll start an open source project on here with the hopes of getting it on the app stores.

It was a game I used to skip school to play. Very addictive but its not a money game. Its a prestige game.

I hope someone has some wisdom for me.



PS I’m reading a javascript book, a javascript, mysql, php book and the Android app development for dummies book.

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