MUIDataTable doesn’t fit the space available

I’m using mui-datatable in my react app and I want to increase the table height to fit the available window size. I am not able to increase the table hight. It looks like the MaxHeight is hardcoded for 499px on the main component of the library. Is it possible to override this in any way?

Do you have the responsive to scroll option activated when you start the table?

It may be related to this depending on the version of mui-datatables you are using:

Yes, we have responsive scroll option activated on the table. The version we are using is “mui-datatables”: “^3.1.4”

It seems that the problem is because of that, if you update to a higher version it should not happen, Have you tried updating to a higher version? :+1:

I have tried by upgrading mui-datatable to the latest version 3.5.0 and used
responsive: ‘scrollMaxHeight’,
tableBodyHeight: ‘calc(100%-115px)’,

but still no success.