Movements/upload-artifact and "No area left on tool"

The odd factor here is, that the other construct jobs within the matrix I use are walking completly first-rate and without any problems. See here, e.G.:

As you can see, only the “survival knife kit” task is genuinely causing this atypical “No space left on tool” blunders which then ends up in CI mistakes at the complete undertaking. Of course, I additionally tried to speak about this in the problem tracker of the movements/add-artifact motion (https://github.Com/movements/add-artifact/troubles/9#issuecomment-585110758) but have not acquired any response from the github authors but. In addition. I in some way have the feeling that this might point to a completly distinctive failure inside the GitHub Actions framework as only a few days ago the identical upload-artifact action labored pleasant even for the “ova” matrix build. See here: https://github.Com/jens-maus/RaspberryMatic/movements/runs/36918297

So, now I surprise if a person in here would possibly have an idea what could be the purpose for this bizarre “No area left on device” error?!? Please note, that I of path made sure that vintage construct artifacts are being deleted mechanically so I wager this mistake may not come from some task-smart space obstacles inside the artifact garage.

Any assistance is pretty liked!

@kijersoul ,

I noticed that @jens-maus had reported the same question in this ticket, I also foreked your repository and tested, I can reproduce the same issue.

As I mentioned in that ticket, I had helped you report this issue to the appropriate engineering team.