Move "watch for Releases" out of custom menu

Do you have any statistics on how frequently each item in the menu of Custom notification is used? I bet watch for release would be 99% of all the menu items. I would never imagine I use other menu item in my lifetime. So you should check the statistics and move “watch for Releases” out of custom menu, like how it first came out.

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+1. GitHub, please add a “Releases” option directly under the “Watch” menu! Currently, if you only want to watch releases – which is a common intent, and gives community members much higher signal-to-noise than the more extreme top-level options “All Activity” and “Ignore” – the “Releases” option is buried under the “Custom” sub-menu inside a series of checkboxes. The “Releases” option really deserves to be promoted to top-level.

Thanks for your consideration!

this is the product team, it’s best to post in there regarding feedback

Thank you @jdevstatic, just posted Poor Accessibility for Watching Releases · Discussion #19042 · github-community/community · GitHub. Please like/comment/subscribe/etc. over on that discussion if this applies to you!