Mouse input as locomotion in VR

Hello, short story:

I am currently working on a product that allows locomotion in VR, in relation to this I am trying to get a mouse input to work as navigation in VR. With this I have quite a few problems with compatibility.

I have made a Unity program that allows mouse movement to function in a VR enviroment without any problems, but I am currently trying to make a program, that allows the input to be compatible with existing games like SkyrimVR, and I have hit a brick wall. 


  1. The main function is currently: converting a mouse input into an analog output, which can be read and understood by VR programs like SteamVR/Skyrim.
  • Making a permanent program that controls the 2 axis (X, Y).
  1. Also been trying to make Windows detect 1(even 2) specific input devices as a mouse input, but without the ability to control the cursor.

Already tried ideas/comments

  • Several emulators have been tried, like vJoy in combination with UCR, but I want to make a standalone program, that translates the mousemovement into the 2 axis.
  • Been looking around for custom built controllers as inspiration (most seem to just be a reconfigured controller and not actually custom scripted, or using different emulators as a workaround.
  • I have also been struggling to finding any documentation on VR inputs in SteamVR

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