Mount issue - Azure DataLake Storage Gen2 - Databricks

I am encountering the below issue when mounting Azure DataLake Storage Gen2 File System using Python on Azure Databricks.  Has anyone faced a similar issue and knows a solution?

My Storage account Name: projectstoragegen2

My Blob Container Name/File System: gen2loading

It says ‘Invalid configuration value detected for’ pointing to the highlighted command below.

spark.conf.set(“”, dbutils.secrets.get(scope = “proj-adb-gen2-blob”, key = “accountkey”))

spark.conf.set(“”, “true”)“abfss://”)

spark.conf.set(“”, “false”)

My next step would be 

configs={"":"OAuth","":"org.apache.hadoop.fs.azurebfs.oauth2.ClientCredsTokenProvider","":"\<your-service-client-id\>","":dbutils.secrets.get(scope="\<scope-name\>",key="\<key-name\>"),"":"\<your-directory-id\>/oauth2/token"}# Optionally, you can add \<your-directory-name\> to the source URI of your mount point.dbutils.fs.mount(source="abfss://\<your-file-system-name\>@\<your-storage-account-name\>",mount\_point="/mnt/\<mount-name\>",extra\_configs=configs)

Please let us know if I am missing something here.

Thank you

Hi! did you resolve your problem?? I’m in the same issue…


running into same issue . is there a workaround or fix for setting this config ? 

Having the same issue. Did you solve it?

Dear Members,

I figured out the issue.

# instead of the this line
# use as below  
 "": "\<key-name\>",  

Thanks and Regards,