Motor Remapping ?

I’ll try to keep this short as possible but its a fairly lenghty inquiry…Basically i created a police quad with flashing lights and a siren which i could trigger the lights and siren seperatly using configured switches on my tx…This was when the quad was running an old naze board which i remapped the motors down by two and putting the switches on what was motors one and two.

I have decided to update this quads electrics which included changing the naze to a newer spracing evo3 board i had knocking about but this is where my problem starts…I’ve remapped what i think is correct and yes the motors have moved down by two but the switches on what was motors one and two dont work anymore so no lights or siren ? Ive included my original spracing evo3 motor setttings followed by my remapping…Please step in if you see something wrong and i’ve also included the betaflight servo settings i’m using as aux 1 and aux 5 are my swiches on my tx…again if anyone sees something wrong please step in or if you can shed light on why the switches no longer work ? Thanks for any help :slight_smile: Capture1.JPG Capture2.JPG