Motivational Monday: Staying Organized

Staying organized is crucial to me for being successful in my personal and professional lives. Life is busy for everyone and without a good organization system I would likely lose track of a lot of things and miss important deadlines. I’m a huge fan of Trello for personal tasks and am trying to use GitHub project boards more for work.

How do you stay organized? Do you have any favorite organization tools?

Please share!

Well, to be really honest my emails’ inbox is my main to-do list usually :grimacing:


That is a very valid to do list item :wink:

My calendars (work + personal), I try to add in things I need to do, even if they’re solo tasks. I always have a pen and paper on my desk for checklists (so satisfying to cross them off) and GH notifications–I leave them unread until I complete them.

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