Motivational Monday: Sources of Inspiration

When I lack inspiration or ideas, I tend to go for a walk, hit up the gym, sit in a park and let my mind wander, or take a shower. I try to have a notebook on hand in case a great idea pops into my mind that I don’t want to forget (not in the shower though, haha).

What are your sources of inspiration?


There’s several content creators/authors I’ve followed for a while, whose work often lends a different viewpoint for me, so I tend to read or listen to their work. Some of them are Caroline Cala, Yung Pueblo, Rupi Kaur, and Brianna Wiest.


A good walk around perhaps a different route than I normally take as well as reading, just by immersing yourself in someone else’s perspective may help me think outside the box!


My usual goto is definitely a walk, with or without music, or a podcast. Walking a different route certainly helps @liligalante.