Motivational Monday: Role models

Most of us have people we look up to - idols, role models - whatever you’d like to call them. People we admire for certain characteristics or skills.

Today is my deceased grandma’s birthday so I thought it’s only fitting to talk about role models as she was one for me. She was fierce and kind, a hard worker who never gave up. One thing I loved about her was that she always made time for others and she would always pick up the phone and listen. In fact I still have her number saved in my cell phone as I cannot get myself to delete it even though I know she isn’t amongst us anymore.

Who is your biggest role model?


My biggest role model is my dad, he has an amazing work ethic, the ability to take even the worst news with a grain of salt, and tries to approach situations logically and rationally. On top of that he is a pretty creative cook!

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