Motivational Monday: Mona’s Story

Octocats are GitHub’s inspirational mascots that represent our customers, coworkers, and peers. Octocats represent developers—the people, makers, hackers—and ultimately our innate tendency toward curiosity and betterment. They’re here to create a narrative for our users and fans, rather than support literal and technical instruction.

The origin story of GitHub’s very own Ms. Mona Lisa Octocat comes from the young daughter of one of GitHub’s earliest developers. When she saw Mona Lisa for the first time, she wrote this note to tell her story:

Once upon a time, there was a cat whose name was Monalisa. Monalisa and her owner went to the beach. When Monalisa got to the beach, her owner Kelly gave her goggles so Monalisa could swim and see what was in the ocean. When Monalisa went in the water she found lots of fish. When Monalisa was swimming she was so excited she opened her mouth and swallowed a coral that made you grow legs like an octopus but keep your normal face. So Monalisa grew legs and became Mrs. Monalisa Octocat.


El origen de los Octocats en GitHub. :nerd_face: