Motivational Monday: Getting Started with OSS

Open Source is a buzzword and many recruiters consider your GitHub contribution graph a part of your resume: The more contributions you make, the higher your chance of scoring a great new job.

Besides being advantageous when looking for a new job, contributing to Open Source projects can be a lot of fun, a great way to learn, and meet new people. However, getting started with Open Source might be difficult and intimidating.

A good starting point is taking the “First Contributions” tutorial, which walks you through the contribution workflow on GitHub. Afterwards, I recommend checking out the “First Timers Only” website for great resources on finding newbie friendly Open Source projects.

Let me know how it goes for you. I would love to hear about the OSS projects you end up contributing to. Also, if you are an OSS maintainer and consider your project to be newbie friendly, please leave a link in the comments below.


Thanks for sharing, great resources - I love seeing the darker green squares on my contribution graph :green_square: - anyone have any Open Source projects they’re contributing to?


Open Source can be daunting! These are such great resources that you’ve provided :smiley: