Most wanted: Create/update GitHub Release

As a contributor of GitHubopen source project, my main scenario for Actions is to build, package and create (or update) a GitHub Release with the built artifacts.

I found no ready-to-use Action for this, while I think should be part of the beta program.



Also creating deployments through actions would be really useful.

One thing that you can do is to create this actions yourself using the Docker image with hub tool preinstalled. Just don’t forget to use version 2.12.3 or newer because the older ones doesn’t allow you to authenticate through ENV vars (see here).

Yes, and there are many Actions in the Marketplace, but managing Releases is a fundamental activity of OSS repos in GH. I expect to find an official Action(s) instead of testing a dozen different options and waste time. IMHO this is higher priority than official cloud deployments Actions.

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I made an Action to cover exactly this use case using Javascript:

Since it’s not Docker-based like all the similar actions in the marketplace, this will actually just work anywhere.

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