More themes for editor maybe :/

Maybe more themes for editor eg.

  • Black and white (not shown any other colors)
  • Yellow theme (light but as eye-saving mode)
  • Themes like in gedit in linux … ( custom colors or even presets)
  • Maybe a accessibility theme like in discord pc client ? ( black buttons, white text and white page background with black text) with reversed version?
  • maybe a color picker for all website text ? (Like that text here)
  • idk what more…

Thanks @hacknorris-notyetbanned for sharing all the great suggestions. Dark mode is really just the beginning of themes for GitHub so we definitely look forward to sharing our plans for additional themes in the near future!


and my next idea - making themes also here (as i see if i switch themes here and i use newest ios maybe so i should have black also here and blackmode is enabled…)

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Oh, as i see now it’s black here! Big thanks!

And if you want i can make monochromatic version of these emojis yet in this week, so …