More integration between PR's and issues

With regards to issues, Ive seen on plenty of projects a lot of stale issues although PR’s have already been made to resolve those along time ago. It was a while ago I made a PR but it would be great to see a closer connection between PR’s and issues in that in the PR steps it some how included users the opportunity to identify issues, perhaps even issues sorted by having been mentioned in or even started. Such that a user who logged an issue and later made a PR could easily find that particular issue and close it all with in the PR making the process more streamlined. 

Its so easy to leave issues opened even if the issue was resolved along time ago and would be fantastic to see Github attempt to enforce some how old resolved tickets being closed, even reminding authors for a call to action on particular long standing issues.

I feel this could also improve the overal visibility for developers as well on the activeness of projects.

Perhaps the above already applies in some way or another, but I do notice plenty of projects with old stale tickets.

Hope this post was posted in the right place, sorry am new to the forums here.


Hey @leojharris,

Thanks for being here! You’ve definitely come to the right place to leave feature feedback and requests, we’ve taken note of your feedback and will pass it along to the appropriate teams. In the meanwhile, I’ve wanted to share a tool to address your projects stale issues called probot, to close abandoned Issues and Pull Requests after a period of inactivity.

I hope this helps!

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Probot is a very good solution, if you need help setting it up I would love to help out @LeoJHarri!