More information on workflow_dispatch actions

I have a workflow that is only dispatched manually, with an input of version, which builds a project, creates a release and attaches the product into the release.

However, when looking at the list of workflow runs, the inputs are not visible for the current or past runs.

Is there a way to add some dynamic information into the workflow run? If not, could one be added? It would be very helpful to be able to see what the previous values where, in my case to not have to go to the releases list to find the last release version, but also in general to accurately understand which values where used for each run (if I understand correctly, these are not seen anywhere unless you happen to log them somewhere)


I have the same issue! I would love to be able to see the input to the workflow in the list of past workflow runs.

I can see where if a workflow had many inputs or large inputs this could get unwieldy. Github might solve this by showing only a few lines and hiding the rest in an expandable component.

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