More dominant highlighting of changes in diffs

I like the new theme but I find it harder to identify changes in PRs due to minor contrast between highlight color and the background.


did the color scheme change? because now it seems just right, now. or did I get used to it? :upside_down_face:

@avivklas Thanks for the feedback (and sorry for the delay in getting you a response)!
We’ve been continuously tweaking our colors to take community feedback into consideration. How have you been finding the contrast recently?
We’ve recently made additional updates to colors across all of our themes in order to further improve contrast. These updates will ship to all users within the next week, but can currently be tested by opting in to the dark high contrast theme in Feature Preview (located in your upper right profile drop down). You do not have to change your theme settings in order to test the updated color variables. We would love to hear your feedback on whether or not you believe this improves the contrast of red/green diff colors!

Hi @gaknoll!, actually, I like the high contrast theme. I’m working with it for more than a month now and it indeed solved the imperfect state that I raised the issue about :). Thanks!