Monthly Community Roundup: October

Monthly Community Roundup

This is a special monthly roundup–as we’re not only celebrating the end of a jam-packed month, but also a whole year around the sun! The community turned 4 yesterday–and we want to extend a massive thank you (cue a confetti toss) to all of you who make this community such a wonderful place to be.

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Not bad for a 4 year old :wink:

Giving you all virtual birthday hugs and handshakes as these are some huge accomplishments :confetti_ball:


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Bigger Bites

Learn & Upskill

Feature: The spotlight this month is on community hero, @wabri, who is an Advisory Council Member, cat lover, and soon-to-be homeowner :house: Read on to see what he’s shared with me on how he got started and what he’s discovered along the way to his success.

The beauty of learning as you teach

My name Gabriele Puliti, known as @wabri in the community. I am located in Italy, precisely in the city of Florence. I started using Github for my first project at university, spending many days researching methods to efficiently version my project’s code, but when I shared my thoughts with one of my friends, they recommended I read about Git as they thought it could be a solution for my problem, and with that, I began my adventure into the Github universe.
I’ve worked on many projects since, but one that I hold closest to my heart is ImageGoNord, a tool to transform an RGB image to a specific palette, for example, the nord theme, which is where the name comes from. I developed it with my friend, Miki Lombardi aka TheJoin95 and has a fondness for the time we’ve spent to create and maintain it; the idea, coding, feedback from different communities, all the issues and forks that have made it what it is today. Github has proven to not only be a place that holds lines of code, more than that, it sparks innovation, and projects like this one proves that.

I’ve learned so much from the people who make up the community–but the one person who stands out is @mpboom. I can’t tell you how many times his solutions have helped me and I’ll be eternally grateful for these lessons. Learning from others has also inspired me to give back, and funny enough, as I help others, I have continued to upskill in the process. For example, there have been two solutions that I learned from as I was researching for the answer: What is the difference between cloning and branching? and Revert to commit and delete history Boîte de réception x. It’s been a cycle of discovering and enriching with this community.

When I asked @wabri what he was most proud of and excited for in the upcoming future, he said:

2021 has been a culmination of amazing personal news and achievements: a new job which I love, graduation (finally!), getting another cat (now I have 2), trying to buy a house, being a guest on two Italian podcasts, organizing one of the first 2021 in-person events in Italy, becoming an Advisory Council Member to this wonderful community :heart_eyes:. I have one more thing that I can’t quite shout out to the world yet, but guarantee is in progress! :star_struck:

We look forward to hearing about that last piece of news, Gabriele! Don’t forget to share with us as soon as you can! :slight_smile:

Hot Off the (Product) Press

Thank you for reading our Monthly Roundup! A special thank you to @wabri for sharing a bit about himself with us. If you’d like to be featured or have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know below. :slight_smile:


I’m biased but I think this is a great round-up of a lot of amazing work that came out of this community in October! :sparkles: Special thank you to @wabri for you continued dedication to helping others. The formal launch of the Advisory Council was recent, but your positive impact has been around for a while and we are very lucky to have your support - and suggestions and feedback!

Cheers & thanks! I can’t wait to read the next update! :newspaper:


Great recap @tuves :tada:

Congrats @wabri on all of your fun of 2021 and thank you for being a leader here since we launched. :clap: I can’t believe 4 years! Happy 4 years of being a part of this Community :tada:

I’m so thankful for being able to experience building this community alongside you and those that have also been with us from the beginning. Happy 4 years!

Cheers to the future :clap: excited to continue building with you all.


Congrats @wabri, super happy to read this. Let’s have fun in these months to complete the amazing 2021.
Happy 4 years to anyone of this amazing community :slight_smile:



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