Monthly Community Roundup: November

Monthly Community Roundup


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Bigger Bites

Feature: The spotlight this month is on Hubber, @jenschelkopf, who is a Sr. Product Manager on the Actions team.

Actionable empathy

Jen is located in Northwest Arkansas, where the area is most known for being headquarters for Wal-Mart and Tysons Foods, but more importantly, it’s the mountain biking capital of the world! She notes that there’s a popular trail called the Back-40 that runs behind her backyard, and she can often hear people whooping with surprise when they go over the jumps!

Jen is a senior product manager on the GitHub Actions team and focuses on enterprise customers. Prior to GitHub, she was an engineering manager at Apple, where she, herself, used GitHub every day. This not only gave her deep experience with the product, but also a ton of empathy for the users who are part of large enterprises. Full circle at this point, her favorite thing to do is iterate quickly on feedback. For example, she and her team recently released a feature called reusable workflows, and she was on the forum every day looking for bugs and friction points. Many of these were fixed up within a couple of weeks. So with that, she wants to say THANK YOU to everyone who spoke up on the forum, you were a big part of making the feature better :heart:

She a big believer in talking directly to users. She says there’s just nothing more clarifying, so she makes a point of doing so as often as she can. This year Jen met with about 40 enterprise customers 1-1, plus another 30 or so in roundtables and customer advisory board meetings. She spends a lot of time analyzing how people are using our features, both with quantitative data and qualitative user interviews. And she takes very careful notes, so she can refer back to conversations, weeks or even months later. Jen thinks of these conversations as her superpower, and she both refers to them often and shares them with others.

In her spare time, she loves to be outdoors and has been doing a lot of work this fall on rehabilitating an abandoned vegetable garden at the house she recently purchased. She recalls being excited when seeing her lawn covered in leaves because it meant she could mulch and compost them for the garden! She’s also into real estate investing and volunteers at a local meetup group. This winter, Jen will start a YouTube channel on investing in real estate in Northwest Arkansas. She meets a lot of people across the US who are interested in the area and is hopeful it will take off. And if not, it will be a good learning opportunity :grinning:

Sounds to us like Jen has superpowers in both her work and personal life! Please keep us updated on that YouTube channel, @jenschelkopf, and thank you for not just listening to our community members, but making sure actionable changes are happening to improve our products!

Jen with her dad, at the Golden Gate Bridge

Kayaking with her husband on Beaver Lake (in Northwest Arkansas)

Archie, Jen’s cute pup! Because you know we love a good dog photo :slight_smile:

Hot Off the (Product) Press

Thank you for reading our Monthly Roundup! Special thank you to @jenschelkopf for sharing a bit about herself with us. If you’d like to be featured or have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know below. :slight_smile: