Monthly Community Roundup: January 2022


Our Community Managers Thoughts: community findings, cool ideas, things you should know, etc.

  • @thomasshaped kicked off the new year with Actions on the brain! He shared new articles for you to peruse (my goal every year is to read more–anyone with me?) and is asking for feedback. We’ll be doing another Actions AMA later this month, so get your questions in :wink:

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Bigger Bites

Feature: The spotlight this month is on community member, @xdvrx1. He is an avid contributor to the community, helping others skill up, sharing tried and true solutions, and enriching the forum with his pay-it-forward mentality.

Teaching on and off the clock

Hi, I’m @jdevstatic :wave:

I live in Metro Manila, the National Capital Region of the Philippines. I moved out of the province to pursue my career and I’ve been teaching Computer and Robotics for 8 years, mostly to Junior High and Senior High students.

One thing that stands out about Manila is the weather climate, it’s extremely humid and tropical! I can say, the humidity can be oppressive, coupled with the high temperature, especially during April and May. It can leave you fatigued (even at night) if you’re without an air conditioning unit , which in turn can greatly affect my productivity.
I started using GitHub when I was exploring all the things related to tech. I decided to learn Git and use GitHub on my own, even though it’s wasn’t required in my work. It’s become a vital tool to store all my projects.
I have many projects that I’m continually working on–feel free to browse my profile.

I am a GitHub Contributor, GitHub Community Member, ICT & Robotics Teacher & Trainer, Google & VEX Robotics Certified Educator. I teach in my career, so contributing my knowledge to help members in the community feels natural. I empathize with those who are learning because I was once on a similar journey. It also simply feels good knowing that I’m able to help others solve their problems.

Two (or more) heads are always better than one, which is why I deeply believe that we are better when we are working together. This concept is open-source in its truest form. We can achieve great things as a community.

When I’m online (but not in GitHub), I really enjoy playing Counter-Strike and typing. The Counter-Strike community is another great community that I’m a part of. I was invited twice by two of the toughest clans, and though we’re still great companions, I couldn’t dedicate my time to it as much as I wish I could. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join them in the future!

When I’m offline, I read books and novels. There is something really magical when you get lost in a book and can imagine scenes described from a novel.
I also sing and play the guitar, soprano recorder, and piano. Music is an expression of the human soul. It’s another level when you are the one producing the music and singing along to it. It’s euphoria.
And lastly, exercise. I took a Taekwondo class when I was in high school and I’ve been active ever since. I also lift weights. I love intense and full-body workouts that leave my body is in total pain :sweat_smile:. Of course, post-workout, I like to recover with quality foods and sleep.

A few things that I’m extremely proud of and excited about were the tokens of appreciation from GitHub. Last year, I took part in the Community Cleanup–-and as a thank you, received some swag.

Invertocat 2.0 shirt, Atom coasters, & Invertocat mug

And unrelated to GitHub but also thrilling for me these days, is my new keyboard - the Royal Kludge RK84.
It has a mechanical linear switch fit for gaming and typing, this is also one of my inspirations, it’s RGB (I thought RGB was just for visual purposes but it’s actually enticing to type on too!).

Favorite keyboard

Hot Off the (Product) Press - the blog’s got a new look! :eyes:

Thank you for reading our first Monthly Roundup of 2022! Special thank you to xdvrx1 for sharing a bit about himself with us. If you’d like to be featured or have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know below. :slight_smile:


thank you so much @tuves and GitHub !


thank you so much.
I will be actively involved in the various activities organized on github, including the Github community.