Monthly Community Roundup: April 2022

Monthly Community Roundup


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Bigger Bites

Feature: The spotlight this month is on community member, @kingthorin aka Rick M. You’ve probably seen him around the community, helping other members with their challenges and blocks. Maybe he’s helped you! We had a chance to do a quick async interview, and you can read a summary of that below. I’m thrilled to share a bit about someone who’s contributed so much to our members and enriched this space, in the spirit of paying it forward.

No one knows everything. Everyone knows something.

@kingthorin is located in Canada :canada: (fun fact, I’m from there too!) and uses GitHub as a hobby! He does Open Source work, mostly web application-related, but also dabbles in other areas. His primary project and use of GitHub is ZAP. It’s the world’s most popular Dynamic Application Security Tool.
Rick really enjoys learning–learning pretty much on any topic. And he sees gaining knowledge without bothering to share it with others is “kinda leech’ish”, so why he makes it a point to help others and give back.

When he was first getting started in Web App Sec, he received help from all kinds of sources: BackTrack/Kali forums, OWASP, ISECOM, etc. He had really good interactions with the ZAP team and NMAP devs as a beginner. And it made him realize that projects don’t just need people that can develop full time, they need people to tackle small things too. Over time, it all adds up. Plus it isn’t just about code. Open Source projects need help with user groups, issue handling, writing docs, producing videos, QA’ing blog posts, it goes on and on. (Heck he’s even spent time readying issue trackers, to learn more about products/projects. That easily gets you to see how others use things [or misuse things])

I’ve noticed he’s often spent a lot of time going back and forth with other members to help them get to the solution; which is amazing to see. But I wanted to know why. What motivates one to help others, even when it’s not as easy as presenting an answer and moving on? His response was:

“Well it’s one thing to answer a question, but it’s a bit more of a step to ensure that whoever you’re answering actually understands and can pay it forward if necessary.

He doesn’t know who to attribute this quote to but it’s always resonated with him: “No one knows everything. Everyone knows something. You don’t have to know, you just have to know who knows.” Engaging with Open Source communities gets you to people that know. Hopefully, if he answers your question, you can and will pay it forward to someone else in the future. #TogetherWeHitHarder

I think this quote is by Albert Einstein, but opening it up here for someone to confirm!
When Rick isn’t online, you can find him hiking, canoeing, camping, playing tennis, or biking. He also enjoys cooking. He’s looking forward to getting back into reading, as that was his commuting activity on public transit.

Hot Off the (Product) Press

Thank you for reading our April Monthly Roundup! A special thank you to @kingthorin for sharing his story with us. If you’d like to be featured or have any ideas on how we can improve, please let us know below.