Monitor Control version 2.1.0

I’m using Mac OS High Sierra.
Is Monitor Control version 2.1.0 available?
Can you supply a download link?

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Hi @mbirafon ,

I have found the Monitor Control v2.1.0 on Monitor Control GitHub repo.

Please click on “Assets” to download the .dmg or source code file.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you so much. Unfortunately, Monitor Control doesn’t work with the Apple Cinema Display 20" model A1038 Clear Enclosure. Any suggestion for controlling the Display’s brightness from Mac OS High Sierra?

I would like to mention that if you’re looking for help for this specific topic, you might want to try opening a new issue if you have a question, an enhancement to suggest or a bug you’ve found. It’s definitely possible that another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, so I am leaving this discussion open for other contributors to jump in and help.

Best of luck!