Modifying displayed name of user within organization

I’m a member of a couple of organisations in github where each matches an organisation in the real world to which I belong. I’ve set up my profile to display my real world name but in each organisation this is not unique. I’d like to be able to append a bit of additional information, or have a separate displayed name, within each organisation, e.g. a membership number, such that I can be uniquely identified. I don’t want to modify my github profile settings as the differentiating information is different in any given context.

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I’m afraid that isn’t a feature we have available at present. Your username is unique, however, so your organisations should still be able to tell two people with the same real world names apart.

If you want to pass on a specific suggestion to our product team, be sure to fill out the product feedback form.

However as I joined github long before either organisation did my github username has no meaning to members of either organisation nor, except to administrators, does the email address. So anyone trying to identify me within those external organisation would have to visit my github profile and do a bit of guesswork if they wished to identify and contact me through facilities internal to either organisation.

If I was able to append a simple bit of information, e.g. my membership number of the external organisation, as part of the information displayed for me as a member of the github organisation they’d immediately be able to uniquely identify me.