Modifying base.Dockerfile

Hi, I wanted to change the Composer verion and the memory_limit in the Codespace:

But it didn’t take effect when I launched a new workspace. What am I doing wrong?

You made the modification to base.Dockerfile which is used to generate the image referenced in Dockerfile.

Currently your devcontainer.json points to Dockerfile, so you can either:

  1. Add this to Dockerfile instead
  2. Or update devcontainer.json to reference base.Dockerfile

Hope that helps!

Alright, so modifying base.Dockerfile has no effect, it’s a bit confusing to have it in .devcontainer at all. I’ll try your suggestion, thanks.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, this repository is used to generate the images and we’ve got an experience planned that would allow you to just add the needed files to your project from within a Codespace. Our intent is that developers do not need to copy anything out of the vscode-dev-containers repository at all and we’d filter out things like base.Dockerfile. We’ll even suggest a starting point based on the repo contents.

However, in some cases you might need to change something more fundamental, so we will still reference base.Dockerfile in the repository in a comment. You’d then be covered either way. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response :slight_smile: