Mobile View: Features lost


again, I stumbled over an issue with the mobile Web view of Github.
With the Web view, I cannot get the download link to the repo zip anymore.
I sometimes need to answer users questions and link the zip to my master on the mobile, if I know something is already fixed.

I know, somewhere is (or was) a possibility to disable the mobile View.
But, why is it required to stumble around in the profile preferences instead just have a switch link on the bottom of the page.

Another isue of the Web view is the closed code overview. I don’t know, why the “Code” is closed on a developer platform.
Even when opening the Code and navigating to folder, on coming back to the root dir, it again is closed.

Some of these “optimisations” are really annoying, and need more more time than it tooks in the past.

Regards, Christian

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