Mobile friendly developer courses for absolute beginners

I am a complete beginner and don’t own a computer but own a smartphone can I complete courses on my smartphone

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Hi gc2964,

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nadiajoyce can you help me with my request then because I really want to get studying with my course but until I get advice from any of you guys I am not sure what to do so please guy’s help me thanks very much

Hi @gc2964,

It’s not guaranteed that GitHub staff will respond to every message in our Community Forum. This space is meant for users to ask questions of and help one another. I would recommend waiting to see if any other GitHub users have suggestions for you on development courses that you can take on a mobile phone.

To clarify, GitHub is not a development education tool. It’s actually a platform for working and collaborating on source code or other development projects. That said, we do have a few beginner courses created by our Services team at You can view and go through those on mobile, though it would be easier to access them on a desktop computer.

Hopefully some of the Community Forum members will be able to chime in here and make other suggestions for online development courses you can take on your mobile phone.


Thanks once again and I am actually registered to complete a developer beginners course so I am learning every day sorry for wasting your time in will get a laptop as you suggested I am a very inquisitive person so I am reading professional developers post to learn all I can so thank you to all you guys on here for accepting me

@gc2964 You are not wasting anyone’s time! We are glad you’re here, and asking questions like this is what the Community Forum is for.

Good luck on your beginner’s course and best wishes in your learning journey!