Mobile framework - Native or React Native?

Dear all,

I am in the early stages of building a Tinder-like dating app, what will have a certain edge that is not related to this question. I am thinking about using Firestore/Firebase as the backend, and I am trying to decide if the app needs to be coded in native for IOS and Android, or if I can have is coded in React Native.

Every discussion I read, has a first comment saying “that depends on the budget and on the app”, so let’s start there. I CAN afford to have it made in two native versions – if it is needed. The question is, IF it is needed. The Tinder app is coded in two native versions, but I am having a hard time understanding exactly what I would “lose” by using React Native.

Would it look and feel the same? The main features of the app is setting up a profile, setting up a gallery, swiping yes or no on profiles and being able to chat with matches. That is the app in a nutshell. I read that things like push messages are not an option in React Native, but is push messages all I am “giving up” in this if I choose React Native? Or is there something more?