MMM-RING not working and no errors


I have a Ring doorbell 3 and I want to use the module MMM-Ring for this. Unfortunately I don’t get the video pop-upped on my MagicMirror. I also don’t get any errors. Does anyone knows what I am doing wrong? Thank you in advance.

[19.05.2021 21:22.25.320] [INFO] Checking git for module: MMM-Ring
[19.05.2021 21:22.25.877] [INFO] Newsfeed-Fetcher: Broadcasting 57 items.
[19.05.2021 21:22.25.948] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:25): Refresh Token Updated
[19.05.2021 21:22.26.165] [INFO] Calendar-Fetcher: Broadcasting 10 events.
[19.05.2021 21:22.28.257] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:28): Found 1 location(s) with 1 camera(s).
[19.05.2021 21:22.28.260] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:28): Location Rotterdam has the following 1 camera(s):
[19.05.2021 21:22.28.261] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:28): - 57328631: Voordeur (doorbell_scallop_lite)
[19.05.2021 21:22.28.262] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:28): Location Rotterdam has the following 0 device(s):
[19.05.2021 21:22.28.265] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:28): Actively listening for doorbell presses
[19.05.2021 21:22.45.484] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:22:45): Voordeur had its doorbell rung! Preparing video stream.
[19.05.2021 21:23.05.963] [LOG] MMM-Ring at (19/05/2021, 21:23:05): Voordeur video stream has ended

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