.mlx file not detected in code percentage calculation

Hi! I have a MATLAB project with some LaTeX files, but GitHub is classifying it as 100% TeX. How can I force GitHub to recognize that the .mlx file is a MATLAB file and classify this code as mostly MATLAB? (This was my first upload to GitHub, so I probably have a lot to learn!) Here’s the repository: GitHub - LCRuth/4noteGuitarChordModulationExercise: This MATLAB code creates a graph of all possible 4-note chords in specified scales, performs a random walk on the graph, and outputs the results to LaTeX PSTricks text that can be compiled in Overleaf, producing a two-page exercise in chord voicings and modulation for guitar. (See the PDF file for a completed example.)

Take a look at the Linguist troubleshooting document, I hope you can find a solution there! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I noticed in languages.yml that only .m and .matlab are classified as MATLAB, not .mlx: linguist/languages.yml at e2f638d17598e84f6f91c2d03c2f3e27f22a2163 · github/linguist · GitHub
So I opened an issue suggesting adding .mlx to the languages.yml file.

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Good that you opened an issue over there! I can also see there has been some discussion about .mxl files in the past:

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Thanks for the link! However, that discussion doesn’t apply to my situation: That discussion is about .mxl extensions, while my file is an .mlx extension.

Oh haha, misread that! In that case you can disregard my comment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: