MITK problem with ITK : dunno about this gcc

Hello everyone !

I’m french so sorry if I do mistakes in English ^^’
I’m a student who is in internship by distance (cause the virus).
So in my internship, I need to use Qt with CMake, MITK , VTK.
I just know Qt, i don’t know the others.
I need to use the project of my teacher and add some code in this project. But I can’t compile the project (during 25 days I try).
I have many errors but I think I am going to create others topics because I prefer focus on one error at time and maybe it is going to unlock the others errors.

I have a problem with MITK and Qt, so I decide to create a new folder and just try to run install MITK from the website, compile and execute to see if MITK work on my computer.
But it fails !
After a long compilation I have a problem “dunno about this gcc”.

I’m going to explain how I install first :
I go on the website of MITK, I click on download and I choose the first source on the MITK Release 2018.04.2 .
Then I extract the file and with a terminal I enter in the file and do this command : cmake-gui
In this graphic application i choose the source file so : /home/amir/Téléchargements/MITK-v2018.04.2-src
And the build file : /home/amir/Téléchargements/Build (it is an empty file at this moment)
There is many things at the middle of the graphic application.
I press configure then configure again then generate.
Now, in the build file there are many things and a Makefile.
I enter in the build file and i write make in the terminal.
The compilation begins but it fails at this time :

I find some topics where people had the same problem but I don’t understand the explication…
My goal is that MITK need to function in my computer then I can focus on others problems step by step.

For the version i use :
Ubuntu 20 (the latest version)
Gcc 8.4
G++ 9.3
nvcc: NVIDIA ® Cuda compiler driver
Copyright © 2005-2019 NVIDIA Corporation
Built on Sun_Jul_28_19:07:16_PDT_2019
Cuda compilation tools, release 10.1, V10.1.243

I’m a student and totally new with CMake, MITK, VTK etc. and I need your help because I ask to my teacher (particulary for the others and problem and she don’t found) and I try with many friends to debug the compilation but all of us failed so I hope you can help me, if you can do that step by step like that I can understand it is very kind !

Thanks you very much all of you !


I’m not familiar with MITK, but the fact that it’s a preprocessor #error about gcc makes me wonder if this might be due to using different versions between gcc and g++. If you install the gcc and g++ packages you should get version 9.3 of both.

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It was that !
I put the same version for gcc and g++ and it works !

Thanks for you help ! Get blessed man !

I’m new in GitHub so I think it is better to create an other topic for my others problems

Thanks again !

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