Missing webhooks

Hey there,
I’ve noticed that previously added webhooks somehow got removed from repositories in our organization. For example here: GitHub - js-tasks-ru/jsbasic-20210325_konstantin-cherepanov

There was a webhook, then it has been removed and I added it later again. As I said this happens with multiple repositories in our organization, this case is not unique. However, this doesn’t happen on all repositories - only on a few of them.

Hi @tadjik1 :wave:

I took a glance at our audit logs for that repo on the backend which should reveal both deletion and creation events for webhooks in the repo. I don’t have direct access to the repo settings, but I can see the log entries.

So for that repo, I only see one logged event on 2021-04-06, which shows the created webhook. I see no evidence of deleted webhooks, or anything before then.

But the experience you describe sounds mysterious. As-if there is no human intervention but a webhook is just suddenly gone from a repo.

You mention this has happened on more than one repo. Could you link us to another repo or two, that has experienced this behavior?