Missing Webhook Event `workflow_run` in Repository Settings

I’m trying to create a webhook for the “workflow_run” event in the repository settings described here, which is currently not available for repositories: Webhook events and payloads - GitHub Docs

The issue I’m facing is that this seems to be available at the Github app, ex. https://github.com/organizations/<org-name>/settings/apps/<app-name>/permissions

But it is missing from the set of events at the repository settings, ex.

Is there a tracking issue to follow for support for this?


Hey there @andys-hoodie :wave:

From our docs:

…note the Availability:

GitHub Apps with the actions or contents permissions.

So as you found, it is available to trigger a GitHub Application workflow_run webhook event, but the settings page for a repo does not include the option to manually add subscriptions to that event type.

I’m not currently aware of any tracking issue to include this in Repository Settings, but we would love for you to submit your feedback, here:

…which gets reviewed directly by our PM teams for consideration for future release.

Thanks so much for bringing this up! :bow:

Thanks, as a follow-up to that, is this documentation up-to-date?

I’m noticing that the workflow and workflow_run described are missing from the example payload here: Webhook events and payloads - GitHub Docs