Missing update button

Hi, im new to coding and currently using a wordpress theme on my career site, on one resume page i have a missing update feature for users to update their resumes, which for all intents and purposes makes the function useless. Can anyone help give me pointers as in what to look for and what to change in the css? 

Greatly appreciated

Hi @bertflavio I’m wondering if you might already have some existing CSS that you could share? Having a little more context and specific code to review might help you get some help on this Topic. Any more specific information you can provide would be helpful!

  1. Hi thanks for the pointer, i cant copy the complete Css though, appearently theres a 20000 word limit. However the link is mohva.online, thank you

@bertflavio Do you have a GitHub repository in which you have some of your site’s code stored? 

If you don’t yet have a repository set up, you could create one and add the CSS file you want others to help you with there. Then you can share the link to that, and other members would be able to collaborate with you on your code right there in your GitHub repo.