Missing spacing on .gitignore edit page

Hello GitHub users!

I’ve noticed a small issue on the page visible while editing .gitignore - usually https://github.com/user/repository/edit/branch/.gitignore.

There’s text there explaining how you can use a .gitignore template. It reads:

Want to use a .gitignore template? [Choose .gitignore: None v]

However, directly to the left of this text is the Cancel changes button. There is, however, absolutely no spacing between that button and the text.

Any reason why this is happening, or is this in fact a bug?


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I looked. afaict, in order for it to work well, they’d need  , pretty much everything else I tried resulted in whitespace collapsing.

I’ve filed a bug using:
… because those aesthetics bother me, although I don’t think I’ve used this feature before.

They’ve accepted this as a bug and might actually tell me when they fix it.