Missing Require pull request reviews before merging protection rule option

Well, as the name explains the problem itself, when I go to Settings > Branches > Protect matching branches, there is no " Require pull request reviews before merging" option, so I can’t make a pull request to require review to be mergeable.

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Having the same problem.

Has it been deprecated or am I doing something wrong?

Tried to edit my other post, unfortunately it was created too long and won’t let me, this is a continuation:

There is an option with a similar name: “Require a pull request before merging”, but it doesn’t seem to have the exactly same function and seems to be just an extra step of a pull request rather than requiring a review

Require status checks doesn’t seem to do exactly what I need it to either, is there a status which is meant to replace the former “require review” by automation?

  1. Upgrading to pro account does not work
  2. Changing visibility to private does not work
  3. fetching “protection/required_pull_request_reviews” through the API on:
    1. protected repo
    2. unprotected repo
      • Both returning 404: Not Found

Not sure what else I can do and following the github documentation

Oh well, I was way too hasty, following learning paths instructions :slight_smile:

Turns out the “Require a pull request review before merging” has been moved to reside inside the “Require a pull request before merging”, so it is now a sub-setting of that one.

In case anyone else runs into this it is found under:

Require a pull request review before merging / Require approvals