Missing Reply comments for pull requests


I want to get all comments created for a PR to list them in a review document.

Therefore I am using the API https://developer.github.com/v3/pulls/comments/#list-comments-on-a-pull-request

In my case 'http://git-id.XXXX.de/api/v3/repos/XXX/YYYY/pulls/8/comments

The returned data contains only the comments, but not the replies to these comments.

What I understood from API docu,  all comments should be listed and the ‘in_reply_to_id’ marks the inital comment.

Should I use another API to get all comments incl. replies?

Is there a known limitation/bug or example to check out?

Thx in advance

Alexander Heinz

Continental Automotive GmbH

We are using GitHub Enterprise Server 2.16.5 in our company.

OK found the problem page problem


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