Missing libfaustcsound.so opcode library in plugins repository in the csound github project


As I am working on a computer music instruments project, I am missing the libfaustcsound.so opcode library which, as I was told, is in the plugins repository of the csound GitHub project. But, unless I missed it, I couldn’t find it in the GitHub csound-plugins repository, nor anywhere else.

I would therefore very much appreciate any hint or advice from anyone with (or without) some familiarity with csound and faust on how to get this file.

With my best regards in the meantime.

Please, always provide links to the projects you mention, which spares those trying to look into the problem from having to search for them on your behalf.

Are the above links the project you are speaking about?

There doesn’t seem to be a plugins folder in the repository, nor any file with basename libfaustcsound.

The closest match I could find is in this CMake file:

which would produce a libfaust.so dynamic library. Is that what you need?

In any case, files with the .so extension are precompiled dynamic libraries, which are usually ignored from repositories and users are expected to compile them themselves. You should be able to extract that file from a distribution package, since dynamic libraries are shipped with the application; so you can look inside the application folders (possibly in modules/ or plugins/) and just copy it — beware that it will only work if its version matches the one required by the application using it.

Thank you very much for your reply. Please forgive me for not having given the link to the csound repository in GitHub. Yes, indeed, this is exactly what I was looking for and I very much appreciate your having taken the time to explain how to extract precompiled .so files. I have not tried to compile the libfaust.so file yet but it shouldn’t be a problem, so I believe this issue can be considered as solved and can therefore be closed.

Thank you again for your assistance.

You’re most welcome.