Missing information about convert account to an organization

Hi :slight_smile:

We have convert an account to an organization but the warning message not inform possible problem with application connected to the old account (old because account can’t no more be accessed).

I think it a good idea to inform user about, some personnal application or businness aplication like Travis, can be broken when convert account. This topic is just here to inform Github team about this missing warning (wa have lost 1-2 days before understanded Travis no more work correctly since we have convert account).

Have a nice day :wink:

You can use your user account to create an organization; this is how I’ve usually seen it done (at least, with Free accounts).

I didn’t even know you could create an organization account ex-novo (which doesn’t mean you can’t, just that I don’t know about it). Can you?

So far, all the orgs I’ve seen were created by GitHub users (i.e. using their personal account).