Missing GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension

I have a config in my settings.json called codespaces.defaultExtensions which includes github.vscode-pull-request-github. Normally, when I launch a Codespace, the extension is installed and ready to use.

Since today, however this does not work properly any more. When I launch my Codespace in Google Chrome, everything works fine. I see GitHub extensions icon on the left hand side, I can click on it and interact as expected. See this screenshot:

But when I launch the same Codespace inside VSCode, the extension’s icon goes missing on the left hand side, see this screenshot:

When looking for github.vscode-pull-request-github in the extensions view, the extension shows up grayed-out and is marked as “Built-in”. I can’t activate or deactivate the extension or install or uninstall it. See this screenshot:

I also could not figure out a way to bring it’s icon back on the left.

What’s going wrong here?

There’s a set of core functionality for Codespaces that we are starting to bundle with Codespaces, including the Codespaces extension and the Pull Requests extension. In order to keep the default extension view less cluttered and prevent users from accidentally uninstalling those core extensions, which would break some Codespaces functionality, we are switching to mark those extensions as built-in. They should show up if you include @builtin in the extensions viewlet query, but it’s expected that it cannot be uninstalled.

It’s not expected that the extension fails to activate. Do you see anything in the GitHub Pull Request output window? Also, which VS Code version are you using? I just tried on a few different Codespaces, and the extension is showing up for me when connected from VS Code on the desktop.

By the way, are you using the new GitHub Codespaces extension or Visual Studio Codespaces? GitHub Codespaces was published this week, and we’ll be switching to web to install that one by default over the next couple weeks, and GitHub Codespaces is where new features are being added. If you don’t need to use Visual Studio Codespaces at all, I would recommend uninstalling that extension and installing GitHub Codespaces. Both extensions can run side-by-side, but you’ll see some duplicated commands in the command palette, so it’s the best experience to just use GitHub Codespaces going forward.

I switched over to the GitHub Codespaces extension, as you suggested, and uninstalled the Visual Studio Codespaces extensions.

As of the GitHub Pull Requests extension, it is somehow stuck with a “Reload Required” button, and pressing the button reloads VS Code, but does not make the reload button go away:

This happens in VS Code 1.51.1. The extension is at 0.21.2.

I just double checked and the issue does not happen in VS Code 1.52.0 (Insiders).

And it’s broken again in this one:

Version: 1.52.0-insider
Commit: ac165d7f974d70212be80cb15eaecfc1fd20b21a
Date: 2020-11-30T17:21:33.245Z
Electron: 11.0.2
Chrome: 87.0.4280.63
Node.js: 12.18.3
OS: Darwin x64 20.1.0

Unfortunately, the latest insider

Version: 1.52.0-insider
Commit: bf21395291146c014220eb70b54fdfc0a15956b5
Date: 2020-12-01T09:27:28.568Z
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 11_0_1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/87.0.4280.67 Safari/537.36

in the browser version of Codespaces breaks the github.vscode-pull-request-github extension, see screenshot:

This is an insider build issue and I opened this issue: https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-pull-request-github/issues/2304. But the question is if you can roll back the browser VSCode to the last insider which does not break this (I think 29 Nov 2020)?

This is fixed again in the insider build with github.vscode-pull-request-github 0.21.4. You need to discard your Codespace and create a new one.

@454de6e, thanks for reporting the issue. Sorry you have been having so many problems recently. I can confirm that the newly released version 0.21.4 should fix the problem. I don’t think you should have to recreate the Codespace to update, but recreating would also work. Let us know if you continue to run into issues on 0.21.4. Thanks!