Missing files when downloading zip or composer install

Hi, total git beginner and was curious why when I try to install https://github.com/google/google-api-php-client package I dont see all the files that are referenced in their documentation.

When either installing via composer or clicking the github download zip folder button, each includes some files but is missing several of the folders listed, for instance I don’t download the ‘Examples’ folder. Could someone point me in the direction to why this happens and how I can be aware of it happening when I want to follow the install directions in the future. Thanks!

What happens when you use 

git clone

? The only causes for this I can think of is you downloading the wrong branch. However, that shouldn’t be an issue because all branches appear to have the example folder. Then maybe it has something to do with the utility you use to unzip the files? What do you use for that?

As for the Composer-part: I don’t know how Composer really works so I won’t comment on that.