Missing Events for Alterations to GitHub Apps Installed on All Repositories?


I’m testing out the behavior of GitHub App webhooks events for an app I am writing, and I noticed that a couple events that I expected weren’t being posted. I’m not asking for any events outside the standard installation events in my test app.

The first (and more important) missing piece seems to be a lack of event when the installation is changed - when I switched from “installed on all repositories” to “installed on selected repositories” (with only one repository selected) no event was generated at all.

The second was that when “installed on all repositories”, creating a repository doesn’t trigger an event indicating the added repository - but deleting the repository did.

I’m a little confused - I’m not sure if I missed something when setting my expectations as to what events were available, or if this is something I should report somehow as a bug. Has anyone run into this, and how did you handle detecting these cases?

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This sounds like a duplicate of this other report. Can you confirm?

I don’t believe so - that one looks specific to the permission level of the user, I am an organization and repository admin for the repository that I was using to test this behavior - Thank you for pointing out that report though!