Missing Environment Variable, Retry Succeeds

Please explain what I am doing wrong. It seems that at certain times, many of my build jobs fail complaining of a missing environment variable (SLACK_WEBHOOK). Retrying each job succeeds. This is the step that fails:

      - name: Slack notification for Open Tunnel
        uses: Ilshidur/action-slack@2.1.0
          args: "message goes here"

Are the failing jobs triggered by pull requests? Pull requests from forks (and Dependabot) don’t have access to secrets.

Thanks for the thought, @airtower-luna.

The failing jobs are triggered by pull requests but the repo is not forked (and does not have forks). The pull requests are from standard feature branches. When I retry failed jobs, they succeed without any problem. Additionally, most of the time the jobs succeed the first time.

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