Missing code search results for specific queries

Hi I just noticed that certain search queries that should return code search results…dont…
For example:
“_vti_adm/admin.dll” vs. “_vti_adm” “admin.dll”

What Gives?

just another mention…
this google search works better than the github code search:
“_vti_adm/admin.dll” site:github.com

Hi @a-tyler

It would be helpful to the community to know what your expected results would be for this search.

Please link to what you were trying to surface with this search.

Uh…what? I was trying to find literally anything that matched “_vti_adm/admin.dll”. I got zero code search hits for that. However when I pick the query apart as ‘“_vti_adm” “admin.dll”’ there were obviously multiple results that included the EXACT string from the first unsuccessful query. I’m not sure I could lay it out any simpler. The first returns nothing. The second returns things that the first obviously should have returned. Try a code search with those 2 queries and compare the results.

Although it should be obvious. For the sake of argument:

So…nothing? I am a penetration tester and If i have a browser open there is at least one (usually 90) github tabs. I use it for reference and I know many others do as well. I have checked other searches that have matching character sets yet no relation to MS Frontpage/Sharepoint and they work fine. Is Microsoft censoring github searches now?