Missing "Approve and Run" button

I am an admin on a repo that an external contributor has just contributed a Pull Request to: https://github.com/The-Peoples-Pantry/website/pull/490

Actions were not run against their Pull Request by default since they’re a first time contributor, but now I have approved their PR and I’d like to run the actions. I’m following the advice on Approving workflow runs from public forks - GitHub Docs but I’m not seeing the expected “Approve and run” button on the workflow:

Under the Actions Permissions settings for the repository I’ve selected:

  • Allow all actions
  • Require approval for all outside collaborators
  • Read repository contents permission

Based on the advice in the linked article, this seems like a bug to me and I should be able to see a button to approve the Pull Request and run the associated actions.


Just chiming in to say that I’m seeing the same problem on one of my public repos. Both of these pull requests are from first time contributors, and I do not see the expected “Approve and Run” button on either: